I recently was a part of a mural project with Micahael Defeo, Depoe, Mark Jenkins, Leon Reid IV, B Walsh and more.
We were commishioned to paint the abandon Prison walls in Jefferson City, MO as a part of Art inside the park. Well I am not sure what happend but, the folks from the prison redevelopment group were livid. I am not sure why, I guess they do not understand the value of public art, these wall are on the interior portion of the prison, and the only thing they are currently using the space for is parking. NOw they are "Cleaning" the walls at a cost of $20,000 and not to mention the possiblity of Lead to wash off downhill in to the Mississippi river. Read more about the BUFFED WALLS here

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Anonymous said...

That is sucktacular.

But the thing about streetart, all art, and all human existence in general, is that it's a rather ephemeral affair. Nothing you does really matters in the end, no matter what the scope of your project. The pyramids will wash away soon enough.

I look forward to talking stencils with you in February.