Mr Teeth Stolen???

This cat "inspire" contacted me today about a poster he found at a bar in Jerusalem. Someone ripped off Mr. Teeth...I need to contact my Lawyer to see what the copyright laws are out there.


As Seen at the 11 Spring Building Farewell...

This Past Weekend I realesed my latest Piece "LUCHADOR De Cristo" at the Wooster on Spring Project (Spring and Elizabeth) in the SOHO, NYC.
The skull is by an artist by the name of Skull Phone...thanks to IO for hooking this up.
This event was Sponsored by Wooster Collective.
(if anybody has photos of my other works please hit me up!)

This was one of the largest Street Art/ Graffiti installations in
the History of New York City.

The 11 Spring bulding is a famous spot for street artists to leave there mark. Recently the building was purchased and is going to be renovated.

But new owners wanted to give it a final farewell...
Here is a link to photos from this amazing event!

Artists included:
Shepard Fairey (OBEY), WK, Jace, Swoon, Peat Wollaeger (stenSOUL), David Ellis, FAILE, CYCLE, Lady Pink, London Police, D*Face, Blek Le Rat, Above, BAST, Borf, Skewville, Michael DeFeo, Will Barras, Kelly Burns, Abe Lincoln, Jr, Thubdercut, Maya Hayuk, You Are Beautiful, MCA, Jasmine Zimmerman, Plasma Slugs, Diego, RIPO, The Graffiti Research Lab, Txtual Healing, Mark Jenkins, Dan Witz, Iminendisaster, Rene Gagnon, and many other surprise guests.


As Seen on LOFTSTL..

Check out this amazing video by the talented Bill Streeter of LOFISTL.com featuring
some of the artists from the recent Choutauh Cho-down...Represent!