My EYEZ...Friday November 7th, 2008 @ Mad Art!!!!

The EYEZ Are Coming.....Peat Wollaeger's Latest Series!
Friday November 7th, 2008
7:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m.
Mad Art Gallery

EYEZ, it's a window in to my stenSOUL! I have created a massive collection of large and small panels that will be priced for us broke ass folk in this Crappy Economy.

This series will also include my recently customized 1963 "EYEconoline" truck and more!

also featuring new works by LA Artist...Jim Mahfood!!!!

and MadArt's infamous Ron Buechele

Beatz Provided by the STL'S BEST HIP HOP DJ.... DJ MAHF




I recently customized a Barrack Obama toy for Art and Action.
(Pictured here is Mine and the Nomad artist BigFoot)

The show was last friday and now that are all for sale on online



Jailbreak Toys presented ART + ACTION = OBAMA 08, a historic exhibition of one-of-a-kind Obama Action Figures on October 17th at The Showroom NYC. Contemporary artist greats, graffiti writers, and renowned toymakers used the Obama Action Figure as a blank canvas to project their visions of hope, freedom, change, and revolution in America.

The first stage of the two-part auction for the custom pieces was held during the exhibition and was a huge success. The second, online auction phase begins today with many additional groundbreaking custom works available for bidding. The ART + ACTION online auction will be held for one week only on eBay, with proceeds going to the Obama For America campaign in these final critical days before the election.

The ART + ACTION pieces can be found on eBay at: http://myworld.ebay.com/artplusaction

In addition to incredible works from the likes of Michael Joo, Mars-1, Damion Silver, Brin Berliner, COPE2, Bigfoot, Voltaire, Angel Tan and many more, we also have 10 "Hope" posters signed by Shepard Fairey himself.

Artists in the ART + ACTION = OBAMA 08 auction include:

Ali, Alyce Gottesman, Angel Tan, Bigfoot, Brent Nolasco, Brian Colin, Brin Berliner, COPE2, Crystal Puckett, Damion Silver, Dana Woulfe, Denise DeSpirito, Diablo Blanco, Dionysus, Doug Boehm, E Marley, Erick Scarecrow, Ian Lee, Jason Alberto Garcia, Jeaux Janovsky, Josh Falk, Kenny Levarek, Lahn Lenore, L'amour Supreme & Mishka, Leecifer, Madtwiinz, Mars-1, Matthew Hawkins, Metal Wing, Michael Farmer, Michael Joo, Mike Dytri, Nai, Nelson X Ascensio, Nick Martin, Nick Z, Brian Nash & Ricky Brandano (ObamaLOL.com), Orlando Dominguez, Paulito, Peat Wollaeger, Peter Kato, pocketwookie, Randy McBluejeans, Rsin, Ruthie Holswade, Shawn Bishop-Leo, Spök-spök, Tom Nussbaum, Veronica Landslide, Voltaire, Zale.

May the bidding begin!




I recently was a part of a mural project with Micahael Defeo, Depoe, Mark Jenkins, Leon Reid IV, B Walsh and more.
We were commishioned to paint the abandon Prison walls in Jefferson City, MO as a part of Art inside the park. Well I am not sure what happend but, the folks from the prison redevelopment group were livid. I am not sure why, I guess they do not understand the value of public art, these wall are on the interior portion of the prison, and the only thing they are currently using the space for is parking. NOw they are "Cleaning" the walls at a cost of $20,000 and not to mention the possiblity of Lead to wash off downhill in to the Mississippi river. Read more about the BUFFED WALLS here


I have a new piece in Starclipper show this Friday!

Star Clipper celebrates two decades with a party and gallery reception on Friday, October 3 from 6 to 10 PM! Featuring unique pieces from 15 local artists commemorating Star Clipper's 20 years of history, this singular event will be held in conjunction with the Loop in Motion Art Walk, an annual event highlighted by exhibitions and performances throughout the Loop.

Featured artists include Jenny Cimino, Kevin Huizenga, Brian Hurtt, Matt Kindt, Sharlene Kindt, Nick Main, Sacha Mardou, Ted May, Stephanie Richardson, Anchovy Sciarrino, James Stark, Ronald Weaver, Dan Wilson, Peat Wollaeger, Brian Yap and Dan Zettwoch! Meet and greet Star Clipper founders Sonny and Carol Denbow! Refreshments will be provided.