Street Art in Jefferson City. MO?!?!


I will be rocking out a wall and doing some collab-o-mask this weekend at a street art festival in Jefferson City, MO this week at "ART inside the Park"

Featuring works by international street artists Michael DefeoMark JenkinsPaul Notzold and many more Urban Contemporary Artists.

Also Featuring the traveling Installation of "Screwed in"
by Artists: Chris Burch, Stan Chisholm, David Langley, Chris Sabatino, Justin Tolentino, Bryan Walsh and Myself.

I am part of this massive group show, called the Train Car Project, which features 60 arists from around the world, ranging in all different styles. For the project, each artist was supplied a 3 Colour train car silkscreen. For this I did a Double Collab on one of my Luchador masks.

The Show will be @ PAPA B STUDIOS, in Brooklyn, NY starting October 10th


My Sneaker on the History Channel....

Quite random..."The Works" on the Histroy channel featured a pair of Chris Farley Chuck Talyors that I paited a few years back for the Sneaker Pimps tour...see the attached clip!