I'm Going to CHINA!!!

K-Spray China 2006 (Bejing & Shanghai)

I have just been invited to go on a 2 week street art exhibition focusing on stencil Graffiti with 5 other artist from around the globe. These artist's include Logan Hicks (Workhorse), Akiro, Fatoe, Pisa73, and Adam5100. This event is sponcored by K-swiss shoe. More info @ K-Spray.com



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This is from my latest series... HAIR STYLEZ. 5 feet x 5 feet 152 cm x 152 cm.

I am working on doing interchangable hair styles.

peep movie here


I will be Paintin' Live - WALL BALL 2006

South City Open Studio and Gallery for Children | SCOSAG: Saturday FEBRUARY 18th

SCOSAG's Third Annual WALL BALL, featuring over 40 artists of all kinds creating work before your eyes at the spectacular CITY MUSEUM. Expect more fun as we take over the third floor!"