Self Portrait stencil on AUSTRAILA.com!

The Rainbow piece /self portrait eye sprayed in Melbourne...Nice work Mister Doyle...outside HA HA's!


Stencil World St. Louis!

Stencil World: Stencil Art from around the Globe

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Reception: 7-11p, March 18
On View: March 17-20
Location: Gallery AM - Art Monster, 2617 Cherokee St.

Confirmed Artists: c215 (Paris), Logan Hicks (Brooklyn) Dude Company (Lille, France), Joe Iurato (New Jersey), HAHA (Melbourne), Buxtonia (Vermont) Czarnobyl (Berlin), koleszar (Phoenix), Peat Wollaeger/stenSOUL (St. Louis), Burn 353, Josh Smith (Adelide) a1one (Iran), David Soukup (Chicago), Chris Stain (Brooklyn), Jef Aerosol (Paris), Mat Curran (N. Carolina)and many others.

A large-scale stencil mural will be sprayed on Cherokee Street, featuring stencil from show participants.