Painting a Song for Green Day

Along with 19 other artists I was commissioned by the band Green Day to create a painting based off of a Song off their new album. Then the painting will go on tour with them as a Mini Art show in each city.
(curated by Logan Hicks)

Watch the Video...

My Song is track 13 "Restless Heart Syndrome"

Been working on a new technique of 3d Stencils/wood cut outs.

Other Artists:
Adam 5100(San Francisco)
Broken Crow (Minneapolis)
C215 (Paris)
Chris Stain (New York)
Component (Auckland)
Dabs / Myla (Melbourne)
Eelus (London)
Logan Hicks (New York)
Lucamaleonte (Rome)
M-City (Poland)
Meggs (Melbourne)
N10z (Los Angeles)
Peat Wollaeger (St Louis)
Pisa 73 (Berlin)
Ron English (New York)
Sadhu (Paris)
Sixten (Sweden, Toronto)
The London Police (Amsterdam)
Will Barras (London)