Check out my Boobs!

I Stenciled a breast cast Live at the Vans Warp tour 2007 for the Keep-A-Breast Foundation.

Cast's are made from Ladies Chests and
painted by artists, then they are auctioned off for Breast Cancer Awareness

Visit http://www.keep-a-breast.org/
for more information


Cindy Royal said...

Yo, Sweet Peat...another awesome undertaking! I am SO extremely proud of you. Did you happen to notice that the chest creation that you did looks a little bit like Justin?? I said a "little"...hope that no one gets their feathers ruffled. COOL! You ROCK!

peat said...

Bah ha ha ha!!!
Funny you should say that...Justin was painting a skate deck with me live that day!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Pretty funny. The woman from which you made the stencil, did she have the nose and mouth on her torso too? (Hahaha) Very creative work to a good cause.
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