Local Love for my art...

Finally I am starting to get some local props for my work.
This Month St. Louis Magazine put me on the cover and
FOX 2 News (see video below) did a DIY stencil bit on me. Now I just need some St. Louisians to start buying more work...My latest exhibition the people
who bought paintings were all from out of town.

Also...looks like My mug Has been exposed to the masses...
I better watch out where I put my stencils these days!

Here's the inside article from St. Louis Mag A-list.


bill streeter said...

Thats kick ass! The cover of St. Louis mag. I think I was on their "A" list last year. But nobody told me about it. I just found out from the link backs on their web site--about 6 months later. Anyway congrats on that. I wish I could make the party on Thurs, but it's doubtful. I'm proud to have had played a small part in your success--but you earned it dude. You're one of the hardest working guys I know.

Jessie said...

Hey Peat! I was at a photoshoot and the photographer's sister is from St. Louis, she was helping out for the day and mentioned you. :-)))

M-G-O-O-T-C-U-D is the word verification code. Hmmm, I like that word.

Jessie said...

her name is Diane. I think she went back to SL already! Really nice woman.