Flying Monkey On Glass

Originally uploaded by pwollaeger.
A Commish Piece

My Take on a Flying OZ monkey...
Sprayed on glass with Tempra based spraypaint....a bitch to work with, takes forever to dry.


Kid Bomba said...

I love your stuff man is out of this world...you are one dedicated individual.
The albino alley cat movie...Fucking brilliant!!!!

I guess, in part, I like your stuff cuz I ve been experimenting with stencils just recently.

But HELL MAN!!! your stuff has a lot of personality. Right on!

I´d like to invite you to see my stuff at my blog...but after seeing your shit I might just quit art alltogether (just kiddin!)

Thanx for creating such great art.

El Kid Bomba.

peat said...

yo mate...much thanks
Keep pushin it~!

Anonymous said...
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